Learning to Make Flubber on the Disney Dream

Flubber Recipe Disney Dream

Learning to Make Flubber on the Disney Dream Last Fall, we took our first cruise.  There were so many things to do, and all these things were listed in the “Navigator” that was left in our room each night.  The first night, we read through the “Navigator” to see what the next day would bring.  Marvel Boy saw Professor Make O Mess listed in the

Our Disney Cruise – Day 1

Disney Dream

Our Disney Cruise – Day 1 Now if you’ve been here before, you may have seen Mom’s series of posts about our December 2014 vacation.  If not, you might want to look at them.  In order of what we did when, our day at Downtown Disney, our vacation home, the trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Ice at Gaylord Palms, our “take it easy” day, and

Chilis Gift Card Giveaway

Chilis Gift Card

Are you traveling this summer?  Eating out seems to be getting more expensive.  It takes a lot of planning and precious cargo room to pack enough food to picnic our way on our road trips, so we usually eat out more than we want to when we travel.  One way we try to control costs is to pick hotels that have free breakfast.  At least,

Back to School Shopping #BTSLikeABoss

Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping Back to School shopping…  Some people embrace it for different reasons.  Other people dread running around to find all the different things needed to cover the supplies on the school list.  Me?  I LOVE back to school shopping.  By the way, I think Walmart must have made all these backpacks that are already filled for those who don’t like back to

Allergy-Friendly Dining at Hersheypark #HersheyparkHappy

Allergy Friendly Dining at Hersheypark

Dining out at amusement parks sure has changed!  I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and I remember heading to parks (including Disneyland) when I was a teenager.  The choices of food I could eat was severely limited!  Food allergies?  I’m guessing that might have been the same or maybe even worse.  There are so many more options for vegetarians and people with food allergies now.  Check

7 Shows to See at the Disneyland Resort

Best Shows at Disneyland Resort

When you plan your Disneyland vacation, keep these shows to see at the Disneyland Resort in mind.  Not only will they offer you a chance to cool off from the hot sun, but they are great places to learn something new.  From educational to magical, these shows in the Disneyland park will leave everyone in your family happy. 7  Shows to See at the Disneyland

My Bag Essentials

My Bag Essentials

I carry a large bag.  Ok, it is a VERY large bag!  I do so because there are several things that I need on a day-to-day basis.  Ready to take a look at my bag essentials? My Bag Essentials Planner and colored pens With full time work, appointments, and some fun things added in, I LIVE by my planner.  My monthly view is in multiple

Disney Cruising 101: My Top 10 Favorite Things about the Disney Dream

Disney Cruise Line

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing what you need to know to start planning your Disney Cruise. I have to admit that I never thought I would enjoy cruising.  There were a lot of things that made me feel this way…  First of all, I thought it was too expensive.  When you consider what you get for the money, it