Our Vacation “Take It Easy” Day

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Our Vacation “Take It Easy” Day So many times, we plan vacations in which we are “on the go” every waking moment of every day.  Over the last couple of years, we have tried to make sure there is a “down day”, a day where we aren’t at a park or on the run.  This is so important when traveling with a child on the

Brownie Mint Trifle

Brownie Mint Trifle

Brownie Mint Trifle Welcome to March and another 12 days of new and exciting recipes or crafts to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  Today’s recipe is for a Brownie Mint Trifle.  This recipe is chocolaty, creamy, and minty!  I just love chocolate and mint together!  Are you ready to make one of these trifles for yourself?  Head on over to SavingYouDinero.com for this yummy recipe.  Make sure

Disney On Ice Presents Passport to Adventure

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Disney On Ice Presents Passport to Adventure Our family has been fortunate to have attended a few Disney On Ice presentations, and we seem to always leave amazed with the skating.  Not just the skating but the portrayal of our favorite Disney characters and stories.  It is the wizardry of skating with the Disney storytelling that brings us back.   We usually see Disney On

Rainbow Treats

Rainbow Treats

Rainbow Treats Who doesn’t love the whimsy of St. Patrick’s Day?  While St. Patrick’s Day does have a more serious background involving the teaching of Christianity to pagan Irish, most people tend to treat it as a fun holiday involving green, the luck of the Irish, rainbows, and pots of gold.  I would certainly take the pots of gold…   Anyway, I want to share

$300 March Madness Giveaway


  Exactly what is March Madness?  You may have heard the expression mad as a March hare?  Well, March is a magical month that contains quite a few events.  March is known for basketball tournaments and St. Patrick’s Day which pulls up images of all things green and rainbows.  March ushers in the 1st day of Spring and school Spring Breaks which in itself is

$1000 St. Patrick’s Day Round Robin


Have you entered a Round Robing Giveaway before?  If not, check out how a Round Robin Giveaway works You will start here, with my blog, enter my giveaway, and then click through to visit another blogger with a giveaway.  Each blogger will link to another blogger and another giveaway.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  I saw several people on Facebook asking for people to list links

Getting Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

Getting Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

Getting Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone No, this post is not about outhouses…  It is about getting comfortable with something that you don’t normally do or makes your palms sweaty and heart beat faster with fear.  I’m talking about anything that takes you outside your comfort zone. I will start right now by saying that I am not a public speaker in any stretch of

12 Tips for Creating a Budget-Friendly Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum Tips

    12 Tips for Creating a Budget-Friendly Homeschool Curriculum Homeschooling is a great way to teach your child all of the wonderful academics of the world.  If you want to stick to a homeschool curriculum, there are ways to make it happen, as well as stay within the budget.  In fact, here are 12 tips for creating a budget-friendly curriculum. Know what you want