Confetti Bean Soup Gift in a Jar


Gifts in a Jar are a frugal and personal way to give gifts.  I’ve posted a couple of gifts in a jar over the past few weeks:  DIY M&M Cookies Gift in a Jar and Spiced Tea Mix Gift in a Jar.  Many of us homeschool moms (and even moms who don’t homeschool) want to […]

WIN with Kids Email


My kids asked for email for quite some time before I allowed them to get their own email accounts through  They were really excited when they got their own, and they love to actually email each other.  It’s nice knowing that they won’t get the ads or spam messages that I get through my […]

Round Robin Giveaway

BloggerRound Robin Giveaway (1)

Who’s up for a Round Robin giveaway?  We have 10 bloggers giving away prizes of at least $20 each.  That’s over $220 in prizes!  What do you think we are giving away here?  Are you thinking maybe something Disney?  That’s right!  How about a $25 Disney Gift Card?  With Christmas coming up way too fast, […]

5 Bathroom Tips to Beautiful Confidence

5 Bathroom Tips for Beautiful Confidence

Today, I’m talking about things that can give us beautiful confidence!  We all know that beauty comes from within, but there are a few things that we can do to help our outsides be beautiful, too.  Yes, I’m talking to the women (and young ladies) today.  Are you ready? 5 Bathroom Tips for Beautiful Confidence […]

DIY M&M Cookies Gift in a Jar

M&M Cookies in a Jar

Are you looking for a fun gift for the holidays that isn’t going to break the bank?  I love the look of gifts in a jar because they are not only appealing but they also show that you care and put time and thought into the gift you are giving.  In turn, that shows you […]

Win Coffee from eKoffee

I love coffee

A few bloggers have teamed up with our good friends at for a giveaway.   I’ve reviewed for eKoffee before and have been very impressed with their choices.  This time, we are celebrating National Fair Trade Month and didn’t want to leave YOU out of the fun! Let’s Talk Fair Trade What is Fair […]

WIN an iPhone 6 from Baby’s Brilliant – #babysbrillianti6


Baby’s Brilliant Baby’s Brilliant is an app that was developed to stimulate the baby’s learning process.  It contains a music section, movie section that images from everyday life, a night light, and ABCs in various languages.  It was developed by a busy mother of three and teaches them concepts like letters, numbers, colors, and relaxes […]

Garlic and Herb Potatoes

Garlic and Herb Potatoes

Garlic and Herb Potatoes I truly LOVE potatoes as a side dish from mashed to baked and breakfast to dinner.  I could eat potatoes every meal if I could, but I get burned out on plain old mashed potatoes and am always looking for a way to prepare them that brings tons of flavor to […]