5 Tips for a Special Valentine’s Day


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  We loosely celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, so I want to share 5 tips of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids.

1.  Free Printable Cards – Spoonful has some great Valentine’s Day Disney-themed cards and crafts for the kids to print.  My kids enjoy making cards for each other and their parents.

2.  Free e-Cards – DaySpring is my ultimate favorite source for free e-cards!  While the kids love receiving e-cards, this service provides a great opportunity to send that special message to your spouse.

3.  Send a special note – Write a special love note to put in your spouse’s lunch, briefcase, or jacket pocket.  Leave special notes for your kids in their lunch boxes (if they go to school), or you can leave your kids notes at the table for breakfast.

4.  Special Dinner – Enlist your children to help in planning and preparing a special dinner for the family.  There are some kid-friendly dessert recipes and ideas on Spoonful.

5.  Family Movie – Settle in for a kid-friendly romantic movie.  Some of my kids favorites would be:  Tangled, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive and filled with lots of gifts.  Valentine’s Day is about love…  I hope you have a great family Valentine’s Day!

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  1. says

    Hi Naomi, What great ideas for kids. Unfortunately my kids are 32 and 28. Not sure what they will be doing. Younger son is childless and my older son is gone for a month doing FAA training…
    I love Valentines Day though even with no one home.

  2. Becky L says

    Love your ideas. We lost our grandpa on Valentine’s day so each year is a bittersweet time of memories, but it makes me hold on to what is really important. Time spent with those I love. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!