Ready for the Weekend…


Can't wait for the sun to set!

It’s been a really long week this week, but a lot has been accomplished!

The kids had therapy three days this week.  We got some spring cleaning done; although, there is still much to do.  With schooling added to the mix, it was a very busy week!

I am so looking forward to the sun setting tonight!  Charlie is off this weekend, and the thought of a road trip is starting to form.  Now that the weather is getting better, the weekend warrior trips can commence.  Hmmmm…I wonder where we will go.

I’ve been reading the Bible in 90 days with Mom’s Toolbox, and we are now on day 75, reading Luke 20:20 – John 5:47.  I have to admit that I have never read the Bible cover-to-cover like most other books that I read.  This has really been an eye-opening experience for me, and I would certainly recommend this reading plan to anyone.  Quite a few of the reading plans that I have seen had me jumping from book-to-book but not in order.  I find it much better to read it this way.  Just a couple more weeks, and I will have completed it.

Well,  I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, whether it be taking it easy or hitting the open road.  Be safe!  Have fun!



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  1. says

    I am so proud of you. I got through the end of January before I realized that a lot of other commitments would need to go out the door if I was going to be serious about The Bible in 90 days. I plan on doing the next seesion. By then, the half-marathon will be over and the the book clubs will be breaking for summer. Perfect time. I was astounded what I learned just in the few short weeks. I can’t wait to start again.

    • says

      I’m glad to hear that you will be restarting in July! It does take “clearing the table” to keep up, but I’m sure that you will be able to complete it this next time. I’ve seen several say that they weren’t able to finish the first time but were able to the next time they tried.

  2. Pamela says

    I am also doing the B90days, and found your blog through it. I also had never read all the way, straight through the Bible, and it is amazing! I am so excited that we are almost through and already I look forward to going through again. It feels like now that the basics are out of the way, I need to go back and grasp so much more. Your blog is so fun to stop by and check out, I love Disneyland! Went a few times growing up, then we went for our honeymoon and my husband and I fell in love with it together. Every chance we get to make a real vacation, we go and we get so much flack from family telling us that there are other places to take holidays… to which my husband responds, “such as?” I homeschool too, and we introduced our littles to Disneyland for the first time in the fall, so much fun, (so much work), hats off to you taking yours on your own!

    • says

      I’m glad you are doing the B90Days, too! I’ve been making notes of things to go back and read after I am done.

      We’ve gotten flack from our family, too. They just don’t seem to understand the attraction to Disney and the great (most of the time) customer service. Of course, I’m not sure if they have actually gone…

      Isn’t that first trip to Disney with kids priceless? Yes, it is work, but it is so worth it!